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Stuart has been maintaining my vehicle’s for the last 10 years and in that time he has been very helpful and honest in his work. I now own a Jaguar and this has not phased Stuart in any way. If anything he has enjoyed the diversity. I will and have recommend Stuart to friends and work colleges and am happy to do so now. MR D.GOODMAN. LEICESTER.

Stuart has been doing my cars for so long now he has become a good friend who I can call on any time for help to fix a problem and has even helped me over the phone top man well worth his weight in gold. MR L. HOLDEN. READING. FORMALLY LEICESTER.

I have had a problem and recently was let down by a local land rover specialist Stuart’s number was given to me by his brother we arranged a time and Stuart arrived pin pointed the problem and fixed the fault quickly and very efficiently! Since then I have phoned Stuart for regular servicing and other faults repairs his quality of work is excellent and he always has time to explain what has failed and why even stopping the job to show me, to this end my vehicles are only worked on by Stuart! MR R ROBBERTS. DONINNGTON.

Having had a tapping noise coming from the engine of my land rover discovery 2 for some time I posted a question on the land rover forum Stuart answered and offered plenty of help. I then brought the vehicle to Leicester form Cannock for Stuart to look at. Stuart found the fault as he had suggested on the forum to be rocker arms worn he replaced the offending side and cured the fault. since then i have used nobody else! I highly recommend this very good and knowledgeable technician thanks stuart and good luck. MR A. OSTLE. RUGELEY

I heard a lot about Stuart’s excellent reputation from a land rover forum. After a couple of very helpful emails Stuart kindly came to Wolverhampton from Leicester and had a look at my V8 discovery. I can honestly say I was blown away by his range and depth of knowledge and he immediately spotted the cause of my reluctant starting problem. Stuart did a thorough diagnostics of the disco and advised some preventative measures to help me keep my car on the road trouble free. I will definitely recommend Stuarts services to friends and family and i will definitely be using his services again myself.            Thank you Stuart.

Dom Stanyer

Having been let down by a local independent Land Rover specialist, I was lucky enough to happen across Stuart’s website.

Stuart came out, sorted the Range Rover, (which hadn’t run for over a year), and advised me how to sort
all the other little problems.
He is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful.
You’d normally expect to pay through the nose for this kind of service but not so with Stuart.
His prices are incredibly reasonable.
I’d recommend him to anyone experiencing problems with their vehicle.
 Ian Widdowson. Loughborough.

Following the really rough running of my 3.9 Bobtail I didn’t know where to turn, I had exhausted all the basic options I could think of and still the engine would not run properly.  With the nagging coming from my other half it was begging the question of whether it could be kept.

A call to Stuart resulted in him turning up as promised with no fuss.  He went through all the checks and then proceeded to put the faults right.  Sadly, it  wasn’t possible to complete all of the work due me needing to order the parts, but nevertheless Stuart got the car running and it will allow me to use the car for a few weeks whilst parts arrive.  A very, very friendly and very technically knowledgeable service, Stuart really knows these engines and cars.Stuart, once again thank so much for what you’ve done.  You’ve restored my confidence in the car again and I will be back for more work from you in a few weeks.

Many thanks Stuart Palmer. MARKET DRAYTON.

I had known Stuart through Land Rover forums for a few years and after finally meeting him in person in September 2009, I knew where to go when I wanted to overhaul my 3.5 Range Rover. I told Stuart what I wanted from the car and what I used it for, he came back with a suggested specification for the engine to suit my needs which, having driven the results, I am very very pleased with! The car has a lot more urgency and eagerness to perform, I have never had it running so well in the 5 years I owned the vehicle.

Stuart was very helpful and explained everything being done to the engine. He was always willing to answer questions and provided lots of great advice to keep the car in top condition. He identified all the problem areas and had the solutions covered. The fact it was a 650 mile round trip was not a problem for Stuart, he made a special effort to be on location at a decent time and got to work straight away.

All in all a service that I can and DO recommend to everyone I can – it is not everyday that such a professional and friendly service is available to do this level of work. Thanks very much Stuart, my car is now a completely transformed animal!

Stephen Harvey, Kinross

Great job on the Range Rover. The work has made all the difference and the drive back to the boat was a pleasure. your diagnostic work on the ABS proved fruitful, the lights did not reappear.

I am happy that I choose to bring the Range Rover to you, great knowledge and expertise of the car itself, you sourced the parts with an eye on both quality and price, and no drama about performing the work to the highest standard.
Well worth the trip from Ireland for that package.
Many thanks and I will see you in the future.
Declan Fallon, IRELAND.
Cant thank Stu enough. Firstly my Discovery V8/lpg had been running like a bag of nails and towing the horse box, well lets just say it would have been quicker to get the horse to do the towing…. I had hunted around speaking to local mechanics and although it was recommended I replace a couple of parts, which I did, nothing made any difference. Even my local Land Rover Specialist didnt get it right. (they told me my car was *****d as I ran it on gas!)
I found Stu via a forum. We met up and he spent an hour and a half ecu reading the vehicle and checking/adjusting components etc and found an air leak in the plenum chamber. He set her back up as best as possible under the circumstances (which was way much better than she had been) and arranged to come back a fortnight later to do a proper repair.
Despite a long journey the night before Stu turned up early as promised. Carried out the work and I have a V8 again! He is so knowledgeable. I have watched many mechanics work before and this man puts them all to shame. He knows exactly what he is doing and hides nothing. He is very open about what and why he is doing something, answers questions in a way that you can understand (I am blonde!) and above all makes sure you, the customer, is happy. I wont use anyone else now.
Libby Thorman
Over the past year I have got to know Stuart as I have been trying to get my recently acquired LSE Softdash into good condition.   It started when I first purchased it and took it to a local garage purportedly Land Rover specialists.  It was only repeated calls to Stuart that I was able to get the information to get her running correctly feeding this on to the mechanic and garage owner.  I decided to take my LSE up to Stuart to sort out some of the electrical problems to which he did with no hassle.
Since then, I have been up to Leicester again for a full service and a complete overhaul of brakes and rear axle. Seeing the way he works and communicates I felt relieved as I compared it to what had been done in the past. I cannot get the same quality and care of service down here in Somerset.  The knowledge base this guy has brilliant.  Even to travel up from Somerset, stay in the local Etap for a couple of days is more cost effective when one does the volume of work we did on the last trip up. Plus one has the enjoyment of driving back a totally better behaving Range Rover.  I also have the peace of mind that if I cannot get up to Leicester Stuart provides a Mobile Service.  Thank you Stuart.
Jon Graves-Morris (Devon/Somerset Border)
One must allow for Senior moments and a quality of jokes never to be heard of afterwards!>
After meeting Stuart at Peterborough RR show this year and seeing some of
his posts on the RR Registry this year while trying to sort out my 95 P38,
I finally manage to set a date to go and see him in Leicester, where in a couple of
hours  he sorted out all my BECM issues, gave me some tips, and check the car out.
Well worth the trip from Cambridge. I would throughly recommend  that if you
have an issue you contact him.Many thanks again and i look forward to seeing you in JanuaryKind regards Ian Booth.

I found Stuart’s website through a range rover forum i was reading as i had a problem, I have a W reg 4.0 HSE with 120000 on the clock and i have to say after 2 years ownership i was praising her to everyone i know as she was running a treat, went out on a Thursday morning to go off to work and nothing, the remote unlocked the doors and the engine turned over but no spark and no petrol, my heart missed more than one beat at that moment as owning 2 RR in 11 years i love to drive them but unfortunately don’t know much about how they work and all i could see in front of me was lots of ££££ sign’s. anyway as i said looking for answers on a forum was where i found Stuart’s website, well what can i say i phoned and spoke and told him my problem, he replied and said he would drive down to Andover in Hampshire the next afternoon a distance of 135 miles, he phoned to tell me he was leaving and what time he would arrive, he got to me in good time and set to work straight away and in moments told me the engine was immobilised, ( hadn’t even put the kettle on yet ) only 5-6 minutes had gone by and Stuart had the car running, with that i said i have a spare remote that locks and unlocks the car but won’t start it, by the time the kettle boiled he said there you have two working remotes now ( WOW ). Stuart has an amazing knowledge of these cars, he is very professional and his rates are more than very reasonable. Don’t know what else to say except i will with out hesitation call upon his services again and i thoroughly recommend him and am very glad i came upon his website. Stuart thank you very much. Richard from Andover.

Both my wife and i would like to express our gratitude to Stuart for his most helpful and friendly manner with his dealings with us and our range questions from us were unanswered by him and work was completed professionally and skilfully and we would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone with their range rover marks!    Paul Wallace, Dumfries.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Stu Armson & the team at Armson AE in Syston, for the work done on my G4 Range Rover Sport, prior to me exporting it to my new home here in Australia. Stuart maintained my P38 prior to me owning the RRS, I used to travel from South Wales for him to work on that and I wish I’d used him instead of Land Rover to maintain the RRS, rather than have him put right their failings once it was out of warranty, his attention to detail is somewhat better than Land Rovers. ArmsonAE haven’t been in business long, but the customer service I’ve received has been superb. I have no affiliation with him or anything like that, I’m just an incredibly satisfied customer.I left the UK early in October 2011 to relocate to Melbourne Australia, leaving the car with Stu for him to do a full 75k mile service and make sure it was ready for shipping to Aus. At the time, I expected to ship it within 3-4 weeks. Suffice to say it’s not that easy to arrange the import permits and as such, the car was delivered (by Stu) to the docks for shipping on the 18th January 2012!

He’s gone above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion to make sure the car’s in A1 condition & to make sure that when it gets here, I’ll not have any servicing or repairs to carry out for many many months to come (you think the prices for servicing & repairs are high in the UK, just come to Aus and see how cheap the UK really is) and to make sure I’ll not have any problems with the quarantine inspections. It needs to be spotless underneath otherwise I’ll get a $500 bill for steam cleaning and no doubt a dashboard full of error messages thanks to a berk with a poorly pointed steam cleaner.

The list of stuff he & the Armson team have done is as follows:

Strip & rebuild the rear brakes & handbrake mechanism, after finding the handbrake shoes seized to the backplate and actuator arms, renewing all the shoes, pads & discs. Thanks to the LR dealer not servicing the handbrake and causing all this !!
Replace every fluid & filter. Brake fluid, engine oil, diffs, including the gearbox oil & pan, which isn’t something normally done in the UK but has made a *massive* difference to the smoothness of the gearbox.
Air & pollen filters
New spark plugs
Replace 2 water hoses & the antifreeze
Fit a new steering wheel (old one had the gooey rim that afflicts 2005/6 RRS’s & D3’s)
Fit a spare wheel carrier to my roof rack
Re-wire the roof rack spotlights
Replace all 4 shocks & airsprings (rear shocks were knackered, front springs had begun to split and Stu found it’s cheaper to buy complete new units ready built than mess about replacing just the dampers)
New suspension compressor, after going to change the filter dryer and finding the pump full of water
Fix the reflectors in the passenger side headlamp
Extract the seized in towbar, strip out the lock & replace it all, then grind out the mounting point so it actually fits properly
Update the engine & gearbox software to the latest from LR, as well as telling the ECU software it’s now in Australia & apply the satnav on the move function.
Clean it inside, outside & underneath with the wheel arch liners and bash plates all removed to make sure the last 6 years of mud have been removed.
Put my 6 Wolf boxes, 2 jerry cans, massive storage case and a few extra spare filters & brake pads he’s arranged back into the car.

Lob some air fresheners inside to keep 3 months of shipping container whiffs at bay!
And finally, deliver it to the shipping firm in Barking for me.Throughout the whole process, I’ve been kept fully informed either by email or phone as to what he’s found & done to the car, with options on parts & prices, so all the decisions (properly so) have been up to me. 95% of what’s gone onto the car has been OEM, only at nowhere near OEM retail prices as Stu’s taken the time to shop around for the best prices for me. He tells me (and I believe him) that the car now drives like a new one and the difference from when it came to him in October is just incredible. I cant wait to try it myself when it finally arrives here in March.
I know that reading the list you may think I’m mental for having so much done, but part of this is future-proofing myself and the car in some cases due to the significantly higher than the UK cost of parts & servicing here in Australia and I trust Stu & the team to do the best job for me, the customer, so I accept it’s a bit OTT. The cost however hasn’t been daft, I’m not going to say how much but suffice to say I don’t have a money-tree in my front garden and I certainly couldn’t afford to buy a RRS here in Aus that’s for sure.
As an ex-G4 Challenge car that went to Thailand with Land Rover, came back to the UK and then spent 70k miles as my daily driver, my car’s now about to begin its travels all over again, on the other side of the world as our family car & outback explorer. For the next few years at least, we expect to put significant mileage on it in some of the harshest terrain known to man, with either a rooftop tent on, or towing a camper trailer. I’m happy in the knowledge that it’s arriving in the best condition it could be in, thanks to Stu & the team.So, in short, anyone wanting service or repair work done to a D3 or RRS (or any Land Rover for that matter) in and around Leicestershire, give Stuart a call and see what he can do for you. He even has a courtesy car (not that it was much use to me over here!). I can’t recommend him highly enough, I just hope I can find someone as good as him to look after it here, otherwise he’s going to need a holiday down under once a year !!
Mike Stokes
Previously of Cardiff, now in Melbourne, Oztralia.

Hi Stuart,
Just a quick email to thank you for returning my TD5 110 back to it’s former glory. The engine feels sharp and responsive and with the new dual-mass flywheel the driving experience is that of a new vehicle, not one that is 7 years old.  The 110 was returned to me steam cleaned, with an engine bay and underside that look like it’s just left the factory.

It’s a revelation to find a garage run by enthusiasts of the marque that I feel I can trust with my Land Rover with.

Many thanks


 I have known Stuart for a couple of years now after finding him on Landy Zone. I wish I had met him earlier due to the problem I had with my P38
I have found him very knowledgeable when dealing with my car his rates are very reasonable. The main thing I like though is the fact that he doesn’t mind you getting involved with fixing the car if you want, and also answering banal questions from the novices amongst us which is most refreshing.
I now take my car up to Leicester at least once a year or more if needed even though I live in Hertfordshire. I now consider him a good friend as well as a good mechanic


Hi Stuart heres some feedback for the work on ‘marley’  ..

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the work carried out on my discovery 300tdi.. you brought him back from the brink of the scrapyard in the sky, thanks for sourcing a new donor car for a new engine and all the work you put into getting him up and running ..  some great advice from your team and will definitely recommend you and return for future work on our growing fleet of landys 🙂

Pen Jones
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