Classic and Bespoke Land Rovers Revived to your specs.

This is the car that started it all for me. It was a late softdash classic 3.9 v8 with 78,000 miles when I bought it in 2003, until 2012 when I took it off the road it had evolved into a very quick road based Range Rover but I had kept the offroad if required.

    1. our first bespoke stainless steel sports exhaust
    2. our first handling pack and p38a eas conversion kit.
    3. upgraded engine pack
    4. upgraded engine ecu performance chip
    5. body work refinishing
    6. upgraded alarm system


This was our first bespoke semi rebuild and spec for the customer as he moved to Australia and wanted to take the G4 with him, we future proofed it to help on the high servicing costs in Australia replaced all the suspension brakes fully serviced and upgraded all the software, we then cleaned and delivered to the container company for shipping.

Here it is in Australia going to Ayes rock!