Please read this as it is important! Armson A.E is not a Dinitrol endorsed treatment center, our unique treatment process and stages of application have been developed by us to allow us to treat your vehicle and because of this we are confident in the process to offer a 5 year warranty but… see warranty at bottom of page.



Simple it’s the only product that when applied correctly does not need to be applied and cleaned off on a yearly basis like alternative brands!

What do we offer that is different?

On receipt of the vehicle to be treated we strip & remove bumpers, exhaust, wheel arch liners, door cards, tailgate trims, sill trims/protectors if required, headlamps and rear lamps, grills and any other trim that we think will prevent us from obtaining access to the numerous cavities and crevices located around your car, 4×4 or commercial vehicle.

Stage 1.

We steam clean and degrease the whole car top to bottom.

Stage 2.

With a wire brush we remove badly corroded areas or simply clean where the steam cleaner could not reach then leave the vehicle to completely dry. Once dry we protect the out side of the car with protective dust sheets and inside the car as well.

Stage 3.

Our treatment application technicians apply DINITROL RC800 a rust converter and allow 24 to 36 hours for the product to cure.

stage 4.

For the next stage we apply DINITROL ML a super penetrating corrosion prevention coating and allow 24 hours to cure.

Stage 5.

We then apply DINITROL 4941 a corrosion prevention wax to form a protective top coat and allow 24 hours for the product to cure.

Stage 6.

In the final stage we refit all the removed trims and parts and then wash the car thoroughly to ensure its completely clean before returning the vehicle to the customer.

Useful information

  • The average car and small 4×4 take 5 days bigger vehicles may take up to 7 days.
  • We offer a 5 year warranty on road cars and road biased 4×4.
  • We offer a 3 year warranty on 4×4 used more on road with light off roading 4×4.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on heavy use off roading 4×4.

You  will also need to have yearly vehicle check for warranty and top up underbody rustproofing treatments with DINITROL 4941 if required.
The beauty of this product is rather than retreating the whole vehicle or if corrosion resurfaces we only every need to retreat the affected area!


Copied from Dinitrol UK website :- Please note: DINITROL® UK does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centers or providers in the UK.

Non transferable and stays with the original purchaser.

Yearly free inspections are required as part of the warranty, failure to attend any inspection will render the warranty void!

Heavy usage and pressure washing can and will slowly remove the product total removal will and can invalidate corrosion claims.

We offer the warranty and only cover vehicles that we treat and cannot warranty or treat another treatment centers work!



Every vehicle is inspected and quoted based on  the findings of the inspection. 01/05/2018 Dinitrol are raising the price of the range by 30%, unfortunately this price cannot be absorbed and will be passed on.

The finished coating but 4 years on.

How well does it stand up to the elements?